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Coutrot and colleagues set out to learn more about how where we grew up influences our sense of direction; what they’ve learned may help explain previously baffling programming research findings, for example.

Santangelo and associates studied the effects of hearing music on decisions made. 

Llinares and colleagues studied how classroom wall color hue influences student performance.

Nanu and colleagues investigated how hotel lobby design influences opinions formed of hotels. 

Another study indicates that there are intriguing similarities between our online experiences and those we have in real life. 

Arshamian and teammates determined that worldwide people tend to find the same odors pleasant to smell. 

New research verifies that sensory experiences vary by culture.

Rossel and teammates’ research confirms that many factors influence what we see. 

Eneix reports on recent developments in the field of archaeoacoustics in an intriguing article—her work confirms that there are lots of people out there studying interesting things.

Bafna and colleagues studied how home design can support the wellbeing of older individuals (mean age of participants in their study was 69.5).