Optimizing Design with Published or Project-Specific New Research

Research Design Connections consultants inform the design of successful places and things.

The consultants at Research Design Connections apply cognitive science as they work with you to develop powerful design options. The design-focused cognitive scientists at Research Design Connections focus on people’s experience in the physical world and use rigorous scientific methods to study how features of objects and settings influence behaviors, attitudes, and well-being. Applying what cognitive scientists have learned leads to unique insights into design projects.

The consultants at Research Design Connections can:

  • Apply research from rigorously derived, published scientific studies to your specific design project
  • Conduct targeted project-specific field studies (e.g., using observation, interview, survey, and group discussion techniques).

Design-focused cognitive scientists answer questions such as:

  • What are the emotional effects of surface colors? Colors of light? How does where we grew up influence these responses?
  • How do shapes (seen or felt) mold our experiences?
  • How are personality, national culture, and preferred design styles really related? How do we use our environments and possessions to communicate nonverbally? Why does that matter?
  • How do sounds affect our mental state? What sorts of noises delight us? Frustrate us? Help us concentrate?
  • How do room dimensions influence us psychologically?
  • Why does smell matter? How can scents be used to help us learn (and remember) technical material? Exercise more vigorously and consistently? Avoid claustrophobia? Be creative? Feel healthier?
  • How do textures influence us emotionally? Is it important whether we see them or feel them?

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