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Neuroscientists have determined how retail design can meaningfully increase sales in physical stores and online, all while elevating buyers' and sellers' lives.


Neuroscience-based design of plazas and similar outdoor gathering areas promotes life-enhancing experiences for individuals, boosting their welfare and benefitting their societies.


The design of the spaces where we eat has a powerful effect on what we consume.  Design-relevant neuroscience research can encourage preferred eating behaviors, at home and elsewhere.  

Designing workplaces today is tough.  Integrating neuroscience research done during and before the COVID-19 pandemic makes it clear that designers need to focus on 10 key issues as they design future offices. 

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Support for visual separation

Respite areas for crime survivors

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Stress levels and ability to focus affected

Prospect and refuge a plus

Device, robot, and friend personas

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Blending biology, psychology, sociology, and design

Design at Work


Change up!  This issue, instead of noting a place that works, we’re going to discuss one whose effect on our wellbeing leaves much to be desired, environmental psychology-wise—the interior of pretty much any commercial passenger aircraft.