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Findings from neuroscience studies probing humans’ design-related experiences during the pandemic are beginning to be published.  Applying the research-based insights that can be drawn from these investigations makes life-affirming future settings more likely. 


Multiple first-rate studies published in 2020 expand our knowledge of sensory issues.  Forty sets of findings, those that are most pertinent to design and useful to designers, are discussed here.


Scores of studies published in 2020 have had a significant effect on our understanding of workplace, healthcare facility, home, store, school, public space, etc. design.  The 70 2020 studies that are both most applicable in practice and worthy-of-note are reviewed here.

Winning smart design alternatives, ones that perk up our psyches along with system performance, are an emerging area of neuroscience research.  What researchers have learned to date can spawn positive use experiences in automated interior spaces.

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