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A recent study indicates that we respond differently to material presented on paper than on digital devices. 

Beracci and Fabbri studied how time is perceived to map onto physical locations.

Maister and colleagues learned how subjective our assessments of our own faces and bodies are; their findings can likely be applied in other situations in which assessments are made. 

Lee and Lim tie visual experiences to anticipated tastes. 

He and teammates link goodness and facial attractiveness;  it is possible that their findings can be applied more broadly.

Asano and colleagues learned that walking in hot outdoor environments can harm subsequent cognitive performance indoors;  this finding supports creating more temperature controlled indoor walking areas in office complexes and similar locations.

Duran-Barraza and colleagues evaluated how titles influence responses to artistic photography. 

Shen and colleagues studied responses to different sorts of advertisements along with perceived beauty. 

Satish, Joseph, and Nanavati recap the benefits of natural light.

Researchers have identified an increased likelihood of hoarding in people with ADHD;  this finding may indicate a greater need for storage options among people with ADHD who are not hoarding.