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Beeler and colleagues set out to learn more about how opinions are formed. 

Huang, Wang, and Chan investigated how image sizes on packages influence assessments of contents; their findings may be applicable more broadly. 

Kah and teammates gathered information that can be immediately applied by people in the travel industry, among others. 

Crawford and Juricevic studied the use of metaphors in art.

Researchers have determined how sleep deprivation influences impressions formed of faces; it is likely that their findings can be extended to other contexts.

2022 - April

It’s great when there’re resources (time, money, and otherwise) to thoroughly deal with all of the sensory issues that might arise in a workplace—but that’s often not the case.  Neuroscience research can guide you to highest priority actions.

2022 - April

When we look around we often see patterns—in upholstery, wall coverings, and elsewhere.  The effects of visual patterns on how we think and behave have been thoroughly investigated by neuroscientists.  

2022 - April

Spaces for learning need to be carefully designed and managed—our brains perform much better in some places that others and our tired heads need opportunities to refresh if they’re going to continue to develop knowledge and skills. Applying what neuroscientists have learned about design-learning connections makes “lessons” more productive and positive experiences more likely. 

2022 - April

The temperature of air surrounding us has a dramatic effect on how we experience a space and what we do/think while we’re in it.  The highlights of neuroscience research on our “best temperatures,” how design can influence how warm/cold we think a space is, and why ambient temperature matters at all are reviewed here.

2022 - April

Putting behavior in its place