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Hian and colleagues used virtual reality to study the psychological implications of vertical (e.g., on the sides of buildings) greenery.

Belanche and colleagues evaluated responses to robots providing services; their conclusions are can be applied to design robot waiters or robot concierges in workplaces, for example.

Noble and Devlin studied patient experiences in psychotherapy waiting rooms. 

Wichrowski and research partners investigated how nature imagery influences rehabilitation patient experiences. 

Gola and teammates studied how 20-30 minutes of contact with nature influences wellbeing. 

Sander and colleagues studied the effects of open plan offices on worker experiences, coupling self-reports and physiological measures.

Lim and colleagues evaluated how the design of healthcare facilities influences perceptions of teamwork. 

Zhang and Park assessed behavior in underground malls.

Heft, Schwimmer, and Edmunds studied the implications of using visual navigation systems, such as GPS.

Kimura and colleagues assessed the how mentally refreshing various situations are.