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Buell, Kim, and Tsay found that there are positive repercussions when chefs and people ordering food can see each other. 

Huangfu and team studied links between workplace cleanliness and employee attitudes toward counterproductive work behavior (CWB).

Glimcher and Tymula studied the effects of outdoor light intensity on risk taking behavior over a two-year period. 

Temperature influences decision-making. 

Fulcher and Hayes’s work confirms that surface colors send powerful messages. 

Travers and her colleagues investigated the link between walkability and actual walking among a group of Australian adults over 65 years old.

Lowe and Ramanathan investigated the consequences of acoustic reverberation in retail spaces. 

Cialone and her team evaluated differences in responses to images.

Luffarelli and his colleagues researched associations to symmetrical and asymmetrical logos. 

Drew reports on a symposium held at the 2017 meeting of the Association for Psychological Science that focused on how the form of our bodies influences our thoughts.