Enhance Satisfaction/Quality of Life

Earth Friendly Labels - Implications (04-12-18)

Haga studied the repercussions of labeling a lamp “environmentally friendly.”  He reports that “Built environments with objects that are labeled ‘environmentally friendly’ appear to change people’s behavior. For example, one study has shown that labeling a desktop lamp ‘environmentally friendly’ can enhance color discrimination, in comparison with when the lamp is labeled ‘conventional,’ even though there is no physical difference between the two lamps. This article explored . . .

Workplace Interruptions (03-29-18)

Burkus reviews research in the peer-reviewed press related to workplace environments.  His findings are consistent with those often discussed in articles in Research Design Connections.  Burkus states that “some level of office banter in the background might actually benefit our ability to do creative tasks, provided we don’t get drawn into the conversation. Instead of total silence, the ideal work environment for creative work has a little bit of background noise. . . .

Evolutionary Mismatches (03-28-18)

Li, van Vugt, and Colarelli consider how our evolutionary past, in ancestral environments, influences the experiences of modern humans.  They report that “Human psychological mechanisms are adaptations that evolved to process environmental inputs, turning them into behavioral outputs that, on average, increase survival or reproductive prospects. . . . Modern-day organizations and work arrangements bear little resemblance to human labor practices throughout evolutionary history. . . .

Case Study: Moving to An Activity-Based Office (03-14-18)

Rolfo and her colleagues studied the experiences of a company moving from an open-plan to an activity-based workplace.  They state that “Many companies move from open-plan offices (OPO) to activity-based workplaces (ABWs). . . . The aim of this study was to explore . . . a company’s relocation from an OPO to an ABW. . . . Results showed that satisfaction with auditory privacy, background noise, air quality, outdoor view and aesthetics increased significantly after relocation.


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