Enhance Satisfaction/Quality of Life

Carbon Dioxide and Sleep (11-22-17)

Carbon dioxide levels in sleeping areas affect how well we sleep.  Mishra and colleagues conducted a related study: “Bedroom carbon dioxide level, temperature, and relative humidity were measured over 5 days, for two cases: open window or door (internal, bedroom door), and closed window and door. . . .  Average carbon dioxide level for the Open conditions was 717 ppm . . .and for Closed conditions was 1150 ppm. . . . Absolute humidity levels were similar for both conditions, while Open conditions were slightly cooler (mean = 19.7 degrees Celsius . .

Building in Solitude (11-09-17)

Research by Nguyen, Ryan, and Deci indicates that building places for solitude into a building/area is a good idea.  The investigators report that their work “showed that solitude generally has a deactivation effect on people’s affective [emotional] experiences, decreasing both positive and negative high-arousal affects [moods]. . . . we found that the deactivation effect occurred when people were alone, but not when they were with another person. . . . this deactivation effect did not depend on whether or not the person was engaged in an activity such as reading when alone. . . .


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