Enhance Satisfaction/Quality of Life

Transparency in Restaurants: A Good Thing (08-18-17)

Buell, Kim, and Tsay found that there are positive repercussions when chefs and people ordering food can see each other.  The team created “transparency” by linking chefs and people ordering in their restaurants via video conferencing software on iPads.  They determined via “two field and two lab experiments in food service contexts . . . that reciprocal transparency, where both consumers and employees can see each other, can improve both consumer experiences and objective service quality. . . .  Customer perceptions of service value were higher when chefs could observe them . . .

Decluttering with Images (07-12-17)

Recent research indicates that it’s easier for people to discard “cluttering” objects after they photograph them.  Reczek, Winterich, and Irwin “found that people were more willing to give away unneeded goods that still had sentimental value if they were encouraged to take a photo of these items first. . . . ‘What people really don’t want to give up is the memories associated with the item,’ said Rebecca Reczek  . . . . ‘We found that people are more willing to give up these possessions if we offer them a way to keep the memory and the identity associated with that memory.’ . . .


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