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Designing to support healing has been top-of-mind for many recently and a current exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum focuses on just that topic.

Researchers have learned that as the forms of cities evolve the personalities of likely residents are different, which has design implications.

Button investigated responses to car design options, but his findings are applicable much more broadly. 

Bae and Asojo evaluated the experiences of people in long-term care units.

Johnson, Zimmermann, and Bird investigated links between workplace design and employee performance via data collected at Microsoft using surveys and interviews.

Schetter’s Master’s Thesis reports on the case study of a relocation to an activity-based workplace.

Robin Mazumder investigates links between urban design and mental wellbeing. 

A recent study focused on how easy or difficult it is to understand someone wearing a face mask, produced some interesting results, particularly for tests conducted when background noise was present. 

Ugail and 12 others have developed a tool that can be used to redesign spaces to support pandemic-related social distancing. 

Fornara, Mosca, Bosco, and 13 others studied how home design influenced resident stress levels during the 2020 lockdown in Italy.