Research Conversations

Culture(s) and Design

Cultures are ways of considering the world and how it functions.  They help organize the thoughts of smaller sets of people, say work teams, and much larger ones, such as entire nations or ethnic groups.  Neuroscience research details how design can recognize, reflect, and respect user group cultures, so  people feel more comfortable and achieve objectives they prize.

Design Dialogues

Design sends messages about space users, both individuals and groups—and those communiqués have powerful effects on our wellbeing.  When the nonverbal signals transmitted are interpreted positively, they boost welfare.  When that’s not the case, stress results.  Neuroscience research indicates how design’s messages can be used to enhance lives. 


Designed and natural objects and spaces can awe humans.  How?  What is awesome?  And why does awe matter?  Applying neuroscience to answer these questions enriches design practice.


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