Research Conversations

VR Is More Than OK

Scientists have, at this point, conducted many studies in virtual environments.  They have determined that data collected in these spaces are consistent with those gathered in actual, physical places.  If your resources permit virtual reality research, you can proceed with confidence if environments developed accurately recreate the real world.

Scents + Tastes

Smells smelled and tastes tasted are powerful drivers of human wellbeing, as symptoms experienced by some during the recent pandemic indicate.  For decades prior to the spread of COVID-19, however, cognitive scientists have been investigating how scents can influence achievement of  design-related objectives and how design affects taste sensations.

Designing Post-Pandemic

Findings from neuroscience studies probing humans’ design-related experiences during the pandemic are beginning to be published.  Applying the research-based insights that can be drawn from these investigations makes life-affirming future settings more likely. 


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