Overheard Conversations (06-14-18)

People developing or using sound masking systems will be intrigued by Marsh and team’s research related to overheard conversations.  The Marsh-lead group determined that “Overhearing a telephone conversation—whereby only one of the two speakers is heard—is subjectively more annoying and objectively more distracting than overhearing a full conversation.

Professional Signals (06-08-18)

Research completed by Petrilli, Chopra, Saint, Kuhn, Snyder, Jennings, and Carusoindicates that the clothing worn by healthcare professionals influences the impressions people form of them—it seems probable that what the Petrilli team learned applies to other professionals and also to impressions formed via workplace design.  A press release from the University of Michigan related to the Petrilli-lead team study reports that “Just over half of the 4,062 patients surveyed in the clinics and hospitals of 10 major medical centers said that what physicians wear is important to them — and more t

Designing for Company Size (05-07-18)

Yang and Aggarwal investigated how company size influences people’s expectations/evaluations of firms; their findings can be used to create settings that support income-enhancing interactions.  The team studied “the effect of size on consumers’ expectations and evaluations of company behaviors.  Consumers expect higher communion [more personal/intimate interactions] from small compared to large companies, and consequently, small relative to large companies garner lower evaluations when they exhibit low communion behavior. These high communion expectations are driven by the relatively lower


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