Outdoor Environment

Situations and Wellbeing (12-22-17)

White and his team wanted to learn more about visits to nature and people’s impressions of their own wellbeing.  They share that “Focusing on urban/peri [near]-urban residents . . . from a nationally representative survey of the English population, we explored the relationships between . . . types of exposure . . . and . . . components of SWB [subjective wellbeing]. . . .

Nature Walks and Mother/Daughter Interactions (11-16-17)

Izenstark and Ebata, studied interactions between mothers and daughters outdoors and reported their findings in Children, Youth and Environments.  They determined that “spending time outside in nature—even just a 20-minute walk—together can help family members get along even better. . . . ‘Past research shows that in nature individuals’ attention is restored but we wanted to know, what does that mean for family relationships?

Improving On-Trail Experiences (11-03-17)

Kohlhardt and team studied the optimal design of trails through parks.  They share that “Large crowds in parks can be a problem for park managers and visitors.  . . . We used . . . visual images . . . to estimate park users’ utilities [the benefits or values they perceive] associated with their visitor experience in Garibaldi Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. Our visual method allowed us to control for background view and compare user preferences on hiking trails with preferences at final destinations.

Support for Time in Nature (09-27-17)

Niedermeier, Einwanger, Hartl, and Kopp studied how people respond to time in nature.  The team investigated the emotional implications “of a three-hour outdoor PA [physical activity] intervention (mountain hiking) compared to a sedentary control situation and to an indoor treadmill condition. . . . healthy participants were randomly exposed to three different conditions: outdoor mountain hiking, indoor treadmill walking, and sedentary control situation (approximately three hours each). . . .


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