Increase Productivity/Performance

Overheard Conversations (06-14-18)

People developing or using sound masking systems will be intrigued by Marsh and team’s research related to overheard conversations.  The Marsh-lead group determined that “Overhearing a telephone conversation—whereby only one of the two speakers is heard—is subjectively more annoying and objectively more distracting than overhearing a full conversation.

Coffee! (05-16-18)

Unnava, Sing, and Unnava evaluated how drinking coffee affects groups.  Their findings support designing to encourage coffee consumption. The researchers found that  “consuming a moderate amount of caffeinated coffee prior to indulging in a group activity enhances an individual’s task-relevant participation in the group activity. In addition, subjective evaluations of the participation of other group members and oneself are also positively influenced.” So, consuming coffee enhanced actual on-task performance as well as impressions of the performance of all meeting attendees.


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