Enhance Communication

Collaboration Now (11-18-21)

Yang and colleagues investigated the remote work experiences of Microsoft employees.  They report that “The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic caused a rapid shift to full-time remote work for many information workers. Viewing this shift as a natural experiment in which some workers were already working remotely before the pandemic enables us to separate the effects of firm-wide remote work from other pandemic-related confounding factors.

Zoom Meeting Conversations (11-17-21)

Boland and colleagues studied conversations during Zoom meetings.  They learned that “Small, variable transmission delays over Zoom disrupt the typical rhythm of conversation, leading to delays in turn initiation. This study compared local and remote (Zoom) turn transition times. . . . We consider the possibility that electronic transmission delays disrupt neural oscillators that normally synchronize on syllable rate, at around, 150–300 ms per cycle . . . and enable interlocutors to effortlessly and precisely time the initiation of their turns.”


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