Physical and Social Warmth (06-13-19)

Research completed by Inagaki and Human confirms that there are ties between physical and social warmth. The Inagaki/Human team found that “Growing evidence suggests that physical warmth and social warmth—feeling socially connected to others—are linked. . . . the current study examined tympanic [in-ear] temperature, a measure of internal body temperature, and feelings of social connection assessed multiple times a day over 1 week. . . .  moment-to-moment changes in tympanic temperature covaried with feelings of social connection across assessments.

Indoor Climate, Long Ago Homes (03-22-19)

Just, Nichols, and Dunn evaluated indoor climates across the United States.  They studied “indoor climate data from homes . . . across the USA. We then compared these data to recent global terrestrial climate data (0.5° grid cells, n = 67 420) using a climate dissimilarity index. . . .  On average, our study homes were most similar in climate to the outdoor conditions of west central Kenya. . . .


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