Temperature at Work (03-05-18)

Syndicus, Wiese, and van Treeck studied the implications of workplace temperatures.  The researchers collected information “in an office-like environment in one of the three temperature conditions. The comfort condition . . . featured an average air temperature of 24 °C [75 degrees Fahrenheit]. The elevated ambient temperature condition was 28 °C  [82 degrees Fahrenheit]. . . Condition three employed an airstream of approximately 0.8 m[eters]/s[econd], intended to compensate for performance decrements at the elevated air temperature (28 °C). . . .

Thermal Pleasure (12-20-17)

Parkinson and de Dear studied links between temperature and positive environmental experiences.  They report that “the experiments presented in this paper and the prequels in this series point to the importance of context, in the indoor setting and also the bodily state of the occupant, in determining whether a given thermal environmental variation will be” felt to be pleasurable or unpleasant.  Parkinson and de Dear share that “A pragmatic design solution to the . . . individual differences inherent in . . .


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