Design in Opportunities for Music (11-13-17)

Research by Payne and his colleagues indicates the value of music in service environments.  Data were gathered via interviews with retail and café workers and  “a survey of workers in a large service retailer. The findings show broad support for music acting as a bridge for sociality [social exchanges]. Service workers appropriate music for their own purposes and many use this to provide texture and substance to social interactions with customers.”

Creativity and Music (09-07-17)

Ritter and Ferguson tied enhanced creativity to listening to certain types of music.  As the pair detail “The current study experimentally tests whether listening to specific types of music (four classical music excerpts systematically varying on valance [how happy or sad they seemed] and arousal [energy level]), as compared to . . . silence . . . facilitates divergent and convergent creativity.

Crowding, Music, Stores (08-30-17)

Can the number of beats per minute (i.e., the tempo) of music being played influence perceptions of crowding in stores?  A research team lead by Knoferle has found that it does: “In non-hedonic [not pleasure focused] settings such as retail stores, high perceived crowding has primarily been associated with negative outcomes such as stress, negative feelings, reduced feelings of control, and reduced spending. . . . Yet, from a shop owner’s perspective, social density [the number of people in an area] is desirable, as more customers typically lead to more sales.. . .


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