Lighting Art (12-28-27)

Pridmore makes recommendations for lighting paintings.  He suggests that “Major factors to be considered when designing lighting for paintings include colour discrimination, colour diversity, clarity and the balance of cool-warm (bluish-yellowish) lighting. . . . High correlated colour temperature . . . appear bluish. . . . low correlated colour temperature illuminants . . . appear yellowish. . . .

Light and Risk Taking (08-16-17)

Glimcher and Tymula studied the effects of outdoor light intensity on risk taking behavior over a two-year period.  They “found that increased luminance leads to less risk taking. . . . the effects are . . . consistent, significant.”  Some useful definitions: “Risk attitudes refer to people’s willingness to take known risks. . . . ‘luminance’ is a measurement of the amount of light that falls on the surface of the earth.

Older Eyes and Light Intensity: Preferences (07-24-17)

Cheng, Ju, Sun, and Lin investigated what LED light levels are preferred by older viewers.  They report on their research with people 55 – 65 years old: “In this study, experiments were conducted under LED lighting with . . . three different illuminance levels (30lux; 100lux; 1000lux). . . .  they [study participants] prefer higher illuminance, which makes them find the lighting environment more comfortable, brighter, and better for reading.”


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