Workplace Aesthetics, Job Choice Decisions (09-07-22)

Ronda and de Gracia investigated how workplace aesthetics influence decisions to join an organization.  They report that “aesthetic attributes in the workplace can be equally important in the decision-making process as non-aesthetic attributes and that aesthetic attributes deliver as much utility as non-aesthetic attributes in driving job choice. . . . These conclusions are relevant for Human Resource (HR) managers engaged in crafting job offers, who should consider that employees may improve their assessment of a job offer as a result of superior organisational aesthetics demonstrated during the recruitment process as well as in contexts where employees would be expected to combine remote and office-based work.”

Lorena Ronda and Elena de Gracia.  “Does Office Aesthetics Drive Job Choice?  Boosting Employee Experience and Well-Being Perception Through Workplace Design.”  Employee Relations, vol. 44, no. 5, pp. 1077-1091,