Working in an Activity-Based Office (08-23-19)

Hoendervanger and colleagues continue to study the experience of working in activity-based offices.  They determined via field and lab studies that “Activity-based work environments are widely adopted; however, research shows mixed findings regarding privacy issues, satisfaction with the work environment, and task performance. . . . The results from both studies confirm that perceived [person-environment] fit is a function of activity, work setting, and personal need for privacy, with indirect effects on satisfaction with the work environment . . . and task performance. . . . Across both studies, a misfit was perceived particularly among workers high in personal need for privacy when performing high-complexity tasks in an open office work setting. Hence, we recommend that organizations facilitate and stimulate their workers to create better fits between activities, work settings, and personal characteristics.”

Jan Hoendervanger, Nico van Yperen, Mark Mobach, and Casper Albers.  “Perceived Fit in Activity-Based Work Environments and Its Impact on Satisfaction and Performance.”  Journal of Environmental Psychology, in press,