Weather and Evaluations (02-24-20)

Schlager, de Bellis and Hoegg studied links between weather conditions and product evaluations; their findings are relevant to any group presenting options to others. The Schalger team reports that “A large-scale field study and four experiments demonstrate that weather affects product valuation but only under particular conditions. . . . product valuation increases only if (1) the product is associated (vs. not associated) with a given weather state, as the match of product and weather facilitates mental simulation, and (2) the product is perceived as attractive (vs. unattractive). . . . We test three weather states—sunshine, snowfall, and rain—and find that our effects emerge for sunshine and snowfall but not for rain, as the latter does not enhance mental simulation.”

Tobias Schlager, Emanuel de Bellis and JoAndrea Hoegg. “How and When Weather Boosts Consumer Product Valuation.”  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, in press,