Types of Co-Working Spaces (11-07-17)

Kojo and Nenonen analyzed co-working spaces near Finland’s capital and categorized them into groups based on “their main characteristics.”  The duo identified “six co-working space typologies . . . : public offices, third places, collaboration hubs, co-working hotels, incubators and shared studios. The categorization was made by using two axes: business model (for profit and non-profit) and level of user access (public, semi-private and private).”  The researchers feel their findings are useful because they “provide a viewpoint on how co-working spaces can be categorized. . . . In practise, the results can be applied by all stakeholders who are working with alternative workplace solutions to respond to the needs of new ways of working, especially via workplace services for multi-locational and flexible working.”

Inka Kojo and Suvi Nenonen.  2016.  “Typologies for Co-Working Spaces in Finland – What and How?” Facilities, vol. 34, no. 5/6, pp. 302-313.