Tasting Sounds (02-24-21)

Reinoso-Carvalho and associates link music heard to experiencing specific sorts of tastes. The team found that “chocolate was liked more, rated as sweeter, and the purchase intent was higher, when tasted while listening to music that conveyed positive, as compared to negative, emotion. By contrast, the same chocolate was mostly rated as tasting more bitter with the negative music, as compared to the positive music. . .. . Based on the score proposed by PANAS [Positive and Negative Affect Schedule], the positive music was significantly evoking positive emotions, and the negative was also significantly evoking negative emotions.”

Felipe Reinoso-Carvalho, Laura Gunn, German Molina, Takuji Narumi, Charles Spence, Yuji Suzuki, Enrique ter Horst, and Johan Wagemans.  2020“A Sprinkle of Emotions Vs. a Pinch of Crossmodality:  Towards Globally Meaningful Sonic Seasoning Strategies for Enhanced Multisensory Tasting Experiences.”  Journal of Business Research, vol. 117., pp. 389-399, https:/doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2020.04.055