Spending Short Amounts of Time in Nature (02-07-19)

Neill and colleagues have confirmed that there are benefits to spending even short amounts of time in nature.  They conducted “Two studies . . . with university students to examine whether the duration of nature contact influences the magnitude of benefits for both hedonic (positive and negative affect [emotions]) and self-transcendent emotions. Study 1 investigated whether 5 minutes of sedentary nature contact influenced both emotion types, and Study 2 examined whether mood improvements are sensitive to the duration of nature contact (5 vs. 15 minutes). Results indicate that brief nature contact reliably improved both hedonic and self-transcendent emotions, and that the duration of contact in the range tested had no impact on this improvement.”

Calum Neill, Janelle Gerard, and Katherine Arbuthnott.  “Nature Contact and Mood Benefits:  Contact Duration and Mood Type.”  Journal of Positive Psychology, in press, https://doi.org/10.1080/17439760.2018.1557242