Space-Related Expectations (08-30-21)

Cummings and colleagues link design with thoughts/behaviors in particular areas.  As they report, they “tested whether a fast-food restaurant affects food expectancies, or the emotions one expects to feel while eating highly processed foods (e.g., pizza) and minimally processed foods (e.g., carrots). Participants . . . entered a simulated fast-food restaurant or a neutral space, completed questionnaires, and engaged in a bogus taste test. The simulated fast-food restaurant increased positive highly processed food expectancies [expectations].”

Jenna Cummings, Lindzey Hoover, Meredith Turner, Kalei Glozier, Jessica Zhao, and Ashley Gearhardt.  “Extending Expectancy Theory to Food Intake:  Effect of a Simulated Fast-Food Restaurant on Highly and Minimally Processed Food Expectancies.”  Clinical Psychological Science, in press,