Self-Driving Cars and Urban Design (04-05-18)

Self-Driving cars have urban design-related benefits.  Researchers from the University of Toronto, in a study published in Transportation Research Part B,report that “adoption of self-driving cars — also known as autonomous vehicles (AVs) — could significantly reduce the amount of valuable urban space dedicated to parking. ‘In a parking lot full of AVs, you don’t need to open the doors, so they can park with very little space in between,’ says Professor Matthew Roorda . . . senior author. . . . ‘You also don’t need to leave space for each car to drive out, because you can signal the surrounding AVs to move out of the way.’” Analyses by Nourinejad, Roorda and Bahrami “a well-designed AV parking lot could accommodate 62 per cent more cars than a conventional one. . . . square-shaped AV parking lots could accommodate up to 87 per cent more cars. This improved use of space could translate into much smaller parking lot footprints, provided the total number of cars that need to park in them remains constant.”

“How Self-Driving Cars Could Shrink Parking Lots.”  2018.   Press release, University of Toronto,