Scent, Brand Image Alignment (06-10-22)

Erraiaa and teammates evaluated the importance of aligning scents experienced in a store with brand image.  They determined via an experiment that “when the scent is perceived as congruent with the brand image, reactions in the store are more favourable. It is not enough to use a scent that ‘smells good’ or that is congruent with other factors (e.g. sensory environment); the scent must be perceived by consumers as consistent with the brand image. Findings also reveal that the diffusion of a scent congruent with the brand image improves guest satisfaction, intention to revisit and perceptions of the product and service. . . . The findings show how important it is for hospitality organisations to use scents to generate a positive impact on their guests. Hotel, restaurant and café managers wishing to enhance customer reactions through the creation of an olfactory atmosphere should take scent congruence with the brand image into consideration.”

Karim Erraiaa, Patrick Legoherel, Bruno Dauce, and Anil Bilgihan.  2021. “Scent Marketing:  Linking the Scent Congruence with Brand Image.”  International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, vol. 33, no. 2, pp. 402-427,