Retail/Restaurant Art (06-06-18)

Oh, Lee, Kim, and Choo investigated how people are influenced by restaurant art.  The research team determined that  “the effect of attitudes toward an artwork on behavioral intentions is amplified when consumers’ art knowledge and levels of openness to experience are low. . .  how consumers perceive an artwork . . . is powerful in leading them to enter a store and have desirable consumption experiences. Retailers can also enhance consumer experience by selecting artworks based on target consumers’ level of art knowledge and openness to experience.”  So, opinions about art in view have a larger effect on behavior among people when they know relatively little about art and their openness to experience (described here: is low.

Hyunjoo Oh, Ha Lee, Jimin Kim, and Ho Choo.  “Effects of Art in Retail Environments.”  The International Review of Retail Distribution and Consumer Research, in press,