Retail Flooring and Music (01-17-19)

Imschloss and Kuehnl’s findings, consistent with previous research, indicate how important consistency in sensory experiences can be.  They determined that “In retail environments, consumers commonly evaluate products while standing on some type of flooring and concurrently being exposed to music. . . . The results of an experiment in a real retail store reveal positive effects of multisensory congruent retail environments (e.g., soft music combined with soft flooring) on product evaluations. . . . . consumers in congruent rather than incongruent retail environments experience more purchase‐related self‐confidence, which in turn leads to more favorable product evaluations. Furthermore, this study shows that consumers with a low rather than a high preference for haptic [touch-related] information are influenced more by multisensory atmospheric congruence when evaluating a product haptically.”

M. Imschloss and C. Kuehnl. 2017.  “Don’t Ignore the Floor:  Exploring Multisensory Atmospheric Congruence Between Music and Flooring in a Retail Environment.”  Psychology and Marketing, vol. 34, no. 10, pp. 931-945,