Research on Mental Refreshment (05-14-19)

A literature review conducted by a Subiza-Perez-lead team confirms that contact with natural environments is mentally refreshing.  Investigators state that “Almost four decades ago, Attention Restoration Theory and Stress Recovery Theory postulated that nature could help people to recover from the attentional fatigue and the emotional negative outcomes coming from their daily performance. . . . This paper presents a descriptive review of 19 restoration pretest-posttest field studies. . . . there is a reasonable amount of evidence supporting the main premises of ART and SRT. Natural/green places can alleviate the negative affective outcomes and the attentional fatigue caused by daily performance. . . . .two studies showed that nature is not equally restorative: tended forest and natural places high in prospect and low in refuge are more restorative than their counterparts. . . . the urban settings in the sample of articles (even if not very attractive or restorative at first sight) did not always produce the expected negative cognitive-attentional and affective outcomes in the people visiting them.”

Mikel Subiza-Perez, Laura Vozmediano, and Cesar San Juan.  2019.  “Pretest-Posttest Field Studies on Psychological Restoration:  A Descriptive Review and Reflections for the Future.”  Landscape Research, vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 493-505,