Real World/Augmented Reality/Shopping (09-23-20)

Barhorst and colleagues evaluated how use of augmented reality (AR) by retailors influences shopping experiences.  They determined that when “a commercially available AR app was utilized to conduct [online research]. . . . [that] AR vividness, AR interactivity, and AR novelty, are all key contributors to the immersive state of flow. . . . The results of this research indicate a more significant state of flow with AR in comparison to a regular shopping experience. . . . a more vivid display of products, in this case through AR, is more likely to influence a consumer’s cognitive processing resulting in the flow experience due to its more interesting appeal. This results in an increased evaluation of the product and its information than what pallid information would involve.. . . AR can be an effective tool with which to induce optimal states of flow and enhance satisfaction with customer experiences in the shopping context.”

Jennifer Barhorst, Graeme McLean, Esta Shah, and Rhonda Mack. 2021.  “Blending the Real World and the Virtual World:  Exploring the Role of Flow in Augmented Reality Experiences.” Journal of Business Research, vol. 122, pp. 423-436,