Promoting Some Prototypicality (12-17-21)

Button investigated responses to car design options, but his findings are applicable much more broadly.  Button reports that “Eye tracking methods and measurements were employed to empirically examine if attention can predict consumer judgements and behavioral outcomes. . . .     Findings reveal the importance of the grille as a feature that consumers rely on to recognize and make judgements about a vehicle's design. This study also confirms Mandler's hypothesis (1989) that a moderate level of prototypicality is preferred by consumers when evaluating vehicles, suggesting that a vehicle's design elements should be moderately unique so that they are memorable, while also consistent relative to the product category's typicality to alleviate confusion.”    

Q. Button.  2020.  “The Influence of Exterior Design Attributes on Consumer Preferences for Electric Vehicles.”  Dissertation Abstracts International:  Section B:  The Sciences and Engineering, 81 (9-B).