Outdoor Learning Spaces (07-18-19)

Khan, McGeown, and Bell studied primary school learning environments in Bangladesh.  They share that at “the intervention school, a barren school ground was redesigned with several behavior settings (e.g., gardens and amphitheater) for teaching and learning. Treatment group children . . . received math and science classes outdoors, while a comparison group . . . received usual indoor classes. . . . The redesigned school ground was associated with higher levels of academic attainment. Furthermore, all intervention schoolchildren perceived more opportunities to explore in the redesigned school ground.”  Children taught outdoors performed better on exams than children taught indoors.

Matluba Khan, Sarah McGeown, and Simon Bell.  “Can an Outdoor Learning Environment Improve Children’s Academic Attainment?  A Quasi-Experimental Mixed Methods Study in Bangladesh.” Environment and Behavior, in press, https://doi.org/10.1177/0013916519860868