Office Lighting Control (03-29-21)

Mahmoudzadeh and teammates add to the literature linking worker lighting control and workplace experiences.  The group found that when participants took part in a 3-phased experiment with immersive virtual environments (IVEs).  . . . The results of the research revealed that an energy efficient interactive lighting system that gave the participants a perception of control satisfied the participants in terms of lighting the same as a conventional lighting system that gave them full control. . . .   findings suggested that the participants were significantly less satisfied with fully automated lighting system in contrast to conventional lighting system or interactive lighting system. . . . The significance of this study lies in demonstrating that satisfaction can be achieved by giving the occupants a perception of control over semi-automated energy-efficient building systems.”

Parisa Mahmoudzadeh, Yasemin Afacan, and Mohamad Adi. “Analyzing Occupants’ Control Over Lighting Systems in Office Settings Using Immersive Virtual Environments.”  Building and Environment, in press, 107823,