Music While Dining (09-04-19)

How does music heard while dining influence the eating experience?  Reinoso-Carvalho and colleagues report that “two contrasting music tracks (positive vs negative emotion) were presented to consumers while tasting beer. . . . Participants liked the beer more, and rated it as tasting sweeter, when listening to music associated with positive emotion. The same beer was rated as more bitter, with higher alcohol content, and as having more body, when the participants listened to music associated with negative emotion. Moreover, participants were willing to pay 7–8% more for the beer that was tasted while they listened to positive music. This novel methodology was subsequently replicated with two different styles of beer.”

Felipe Reinoso-Carvalho. Silvana Dakduk, Johan Wagemans, and Charles Spence.  2019. “Not Just Another Pint!  The Role of Emotion Induced by Music on the Consumer’s Tasting Experience.”  Multisensory Research, vol. 32, no. 4-5,