More on Walkability (09-14-21)

Baobeid and teammates built on earlier research to investigate what makes an area walkable. They share that “This review advocates that long-term health benefits from walking and physical activity are the premier incentive to repurpose our cities to be more sustainable and more walking friendly, and spark behavioral change into reducing car dependency for all daily transportations. . . . there is a lack of emphasis on air quality and thermal stress in the design for walkability, despite the being a major factor in in taking the decision to walk and the possibility of nullifying any health benefits from walking.”

Abdulla Baobeid, Muammer Koc, and Sami Al-Ghamdi.  “Walkability and Its Relationships with Health, Sustainability and Livability:  Elements of Physical Environment and Evaluation Frameworks.”  Frontiers in Built Environment, in press, doi: 10.3389/fbuil.2021.721218