More on Environmental Control (04-09-18)

Research by Wu and team confirms the value of giving people reasonable amounts of control over their physical environments.  The researchers studied people boarding an aircraft during the winter.  They learned that “In practice, passengers actively respond to the thermal environment when they board an aircraft in winter. . . In this study. . . . temperature levels had significant effect on [air-movement/temperature adjusting] nozzle usage and clothing adjustment behaviours. . . . After 10 min in the aircraft cabin, the subjects maintained their comfort in a wider range of the thermal environment when the behavioural adjustments existed compared to when they did not. Thus, a suggestion was made for behavioural adjustments to be provided in aircraft cabins.”

Yuxin Wu, Hong Liu, Baizhan Li, Yong Cheng, Daniel Mmereki, and Deyu Kong.  2018. “Behavioural, Physiological and Psychological Responses of Passengers to the Thermal Environment of Boarding a Flight in Winter.”  Ergonomics, vol. 61, no. 6, pp. 798-805,