Managing Scents (10-06-21)

Shiner’s discussion of scents, art, and scents in/as art addresses, in a thought-provoking way, the role of sensory experiences in our lives.  As materials on the Oxford University webpage for this text ( ) detail:   “This book offers an overview of the aesthetic and ethical issues raised by the contemporary olfactory arts, which range from gallery and museum sculptures and installations, through the enhancement of theater, film,, and music with scents, to the ambient scenting of stores and avant-garde chefs’ use of scents in cuisine.  Special attention is given to . . . . the role of scent in the appreciation of nature and gardens. Ethical issues are discussed regarding ambient scenting, perfume wearing, and the use of smells in fast-food marketing.”

Larry Shiner. 2020.  Art Scents:  Exploring the Aesthetics of Smell and the Olfactory Arts. Oxford University Press; New York.