Landscape Preferences (09-10-21)

Li, Zhai, Dou, and Liu studied how landscape preferences vary from situation to situation.  They determined that “college students in varied moods all prefer natural landscapes and open view landscapes, a result that is consistent with previous research. . . . there are significant differences in the degree of naturalness of the preferred landscape among college students with different moods. . . .  instead of a natural landscape, most respondents in a fatigued mood preferred a nature-dominated landscape with a small amount of built environment. . . . landscape architecture practices should include diverse spaces in the future that are characterized by variable landscape visual openness designs, thereby providing people in different moods with convenient access to restorative places.”

Kankan Li, Yang Zhai, Long Dou, and Jianjun Liu.  2021. “A Preliminary Exploration of Landscape Preferences Based on Naturalness and Visual Openness for College Students with Different Moods.”  Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 12, 629650,