Hotel Lobby Design (04-08-22)

Nanu and colleagues investigated how hotel lobby design influences opinions formed of hotels.  They report that their “study investigates preferences of millennial and non-millennial travelers towards hotel lobby design concerning style (contemporary vs. traditional) and biophilic elements [plants] (present vs. absent). This quantitative study is designed as an online, virtual, scenario-based experiment. . . . The findings of the study reveal that the lobby interior design style has a significant impact on booking intention across different generations. Moreover, millennials are more impacted by the design style of the hotel lobby than non-millennials. Biophilic design has also been found to impact the satisfaction and emotions of guests across different generations. . . . This study revealed that millennials do prefer modern-looking designs. . . . The combination of a modern interior with interesting plant additions would make the lobby of hotels fit for social media as well, which would increase general customer awareness.”

Luana Nanu, Faizan Ali, Katerina Berezina, and Cihan Cobanoglu. 2020. “The Effect of Hotel Lobby Design on Booking Intentions:  An Intergenerational Examination.” International Journal of Hospitality Management, vol. 89, 102530,