Healthcare at Home (07-25-19)

Melissa Piatkowski, Addie Abushousheh, and Ellen Taylor have written the whitepaper “Healthcare at Home,” which is available to all at the Center for Health Design website indicated below.  This useful, comprehensive text is described on the noted website: “Within the past decade, advances in medical technology, changes in reimbursement structures, the desires and complex care needs of an aging population, and innovative care delivery models have initiated a shift from providing care in hospitals to outpatient settings. And more recently, the acceleration and amplification of these factors is pushing healthcare options . . . towards acute and subacute care in the home. . . .While this paper aims to present the salient research on design strategies that specifically facilitate healthcare at home, this is an emerging area. . . . Because Aging in Place and Universal Design approaches are highly relevant to the provision of healthcare at home, this paper draws largely from evidence in these two areas.” Topics covered range from building and room layout to flooring to lighting to home aesthetics. This whitepaper is particularly important because “there is an opportunity to shift thinking in typical residential design towards a more sustainable concept of home – how home can support health and healing.”

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