Glare and Design (07-05-18)

Kong and colleagues studied visual glare and design in an open-plan office via a post-occupancy evaluation.  As they report, “The southwest-facing office has external overhangs and internal mechoshades as the solar controls. However, 65.9% of the participants in the office still complain about daylighting glare at their workstations. . . . [after a renovation] The results show that taller windows, seating orientations towards windows, and adjacent to windows lead to more glare for occupants. Although replacing the original cubicle workstations with more open workstations allows more daylighting penetration and prolongs the annual glare duration in the renovated layout, more accessible outside views and flexible furniture designs increase occupants' tolerance of glare and satisfaction with daylighting environments.”

Zhe Kong, D. Utzinger, Kara Freihoefer, and Troy Steege. 2018.  “The Impact of Interior Design on Visual Discomfort Reduction:  A Field Study Integrating Lighting Environments with POE Survey.”  Building and Environment, vol. 138, pp. 135-148.