Extensive Office Post-Occupancy Study (01-14-21)

Candido and colleagues surveyed people working in Australian office buildings to learn more about their experiences.  They report that “A total of 1,121 post-occupancy evaluation (POE) surveys conducted in 9 offices were analyzed. All these premises hold a certification from the Green Building Council of Australia and two achieved a WELL rating. . . . Highest scores for overall satisfaction, workability, perceived productivity and health were reported on WELL-rated premises. Offices incorporating active design principles outperformed others on workability, satisfaction with work area, collaboration, unwanted interruptions, perceived productivity and health. ABW environments outperformed the traditional offices on spatial comfort, thermal comfort, noise and privacy, personal control, comfort of furnishing, adjustability of the work area and space to collaborate. People using sit–stand workstations reported spending significantly less time seated. . . . The best-performing offices implemented active and biophilic design, prioritized overall ergonomics and different spaces designed to support a variety of work-related activities.”

Christhina Candido, Samin Marzban, Shamila Haddad, Martin Mackey, and Angela Loder.  “Designing Healthy Workspaces:  Results from Australian Certified Open-Plan Offices.” Facilities, in press, https://doi.org/10.1108/F-02-2020-0018