Dynamic Workstations (06-27-19)

The professional implications of dynamic office workstations (DOWs) were evaluated by Schellewald, Kleinert, and Ellegast.  They conducted “a 12 week observational study, 36 employees were given free access to eight DOWs (cycling devices).  Characteristics of use (i.e., frequency, duration, speed, variation of speed) were self-determined but registered objectively for every event of use. . . . employees rated their well-being immediately before (pre) and after (post) using a DOW. . .  .we found significant relationships between positive changes in the dimensions recovery, calm, and mood on the one hand and specific characteristics of use (i.e. duration, speed and variation of speed) on the other hand.  Therefore it can be assumed, that there are possible dose-response relationships between characteristics of use of DOWs and positive changes of well-being.  The implementation of DOWs might be a way to contribute to workers’ psychological health.”

V. Schellewald, J. Kleinert, and R. Ellegast.  2019. “Evaluating Relationships Between the Use of Dynamic Office Workstations (DOWs) and well-being.”  Wellbeing at Work in a Changing World:  Challenges and Opportunities, Book of Abstracts, Paris, May 22-24, p. 135.