The Design of Birthing Suites (04-02-21)

Physical and other concerns related to birthing suite design were studied by Carlsson, Larsson, and Jormfeldt.  Their literature review reports “a need to create a space for childbirth underpinned by four aspects; a homely space, a spiritual space, a safe space, and a territorial space. . . . A homely space was characterized by a place where the woman didn´t have to adapt to the environment. . . . In essence, a homely space contributed to a feeling of being at home, a non-threatening, comfortable relaxing space for the women, which implied a sense of belonging. . . . A spiritual space was a place where the woman could withdraw, that was peaceful, calm and silent, a nice place to be in. . . . A safe space was a major consideration for the women regardless of where birth took place. . . . Safety was conceptualized as both physical and emotional safety.”

Ina-Marie Carlsson, Ingrid Larsson, and Henrika Jormfeldt.  2020.  “Place and Space in Relation to Childbirth:  A Critical Interpretive Synthesis.”  International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being, vol. 15 (suppl. 1), 1667143,