Creativity and Movement (01-11-22)

Research linked creativity and walking some time ago.  Murali and Handel build on prior studies and report that “Creativity, specifically divergent thinking, has been shown to benefit from unrestrained walking. . . .  [during the Murali/Handel project, creativity test] scores were higher during walking than sitting. . . .  participants either walked freely or in a restricted path, or sat freely or fixated on a screen. . . . similar to unrestrained [or free] walking, unrestrained sitting also improves divergent thinking. . . . Since most online teaching involves fixating on a computer screen, the amount of free body movements, including head and eye movements, are greatly reduced compared to a normal classroom set up. . . . introducing periods of free movements in between sessions of online teaching, even during sitting, can improve the flow of ideas and aid in the learning process.”  Murali and Handel found that unconstrained movement, whether sitting or standing, can boost creativity.

Supriya Murali and Barbara Handel.  2022.  “Motor Restrictions Impair Divergent Thinking During Walking and During Walking and During Sitting.”  Psychological Research,