Body Perceptions Linked to Smells and Sounds (09-10-19)

Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the University of Sussex, and University College London investigated how scents and sounds influence our perceptions of our bodies. The team found “that olfactory stimuli combined with auditory stimuli can change our perception of our body. . . . People feel thinner and lighter when exposed to the smell of lemon, while feeling heavier and more corpulent when they smell vanilla. . . . Through a device adapted to a pair of shoes . . . . [researchers]  analysed how our perception of our body changes when the [acoustic] frequency spectrum of steps taken during physical activity was modified in real-time. ‘By increasing high frequencies, people feel lighter, happier, walk in a more active way and as a result, they find it easier to exercise’, explains Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, a lecturer in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at” Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.  The press release from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid concludes that  “These results will allow new and more effective therapies to be designed, such as virtual reality experiences or the development of interactive clothes or portable technology.”

“Olfactory and Auditory Stimuli Change the Perception of Our Body.” 2019.  Press release, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,