Aquarium Advantages (05-06-20)

Clements and colleagues studied the implications of having aquariums present in a space, either live or on video. After a literature review they report that “Nineteen studies were included [in their analysis]. Two provided tentative evidence that keeping home aquaria is associated with relaxation. The remaining studies involved novel interactions with fish in home or public aquariums. Outcomes relating to anxiety, relaxation and/or physiological stress were commonly assessed; evidence was mixed with both positive and null [no relationship] findings.  Preliminary support was found for effects on mood, pain, nutritional intake and body weight, but not loneliness.  . . .Review findings suggest that interacting with fish in aquariums has the potential to benefit human well-being, although research on this topic is currently limited.”

Heather Clements, Stephanie Valentin, Nicholas Jenkins, Jean Rankin, Julien Baker, Nancy Fee, Donna Snellgrove, and Katherine Sloman.  2019. “The Effects of Interacting with Fish in Aquariums on Human Health and Well-Being:  A Systematic Review.”  PLoS ONE, vol. 14, no. 7, e0220524,