Ancient Nonverbal Communication (09-24-21)

Recent research indicates just how long we’ve been using things to send nonverbal messages.  A press release from the University of Arizona reports that “The necklace, nametag, earrings or uniform you chose to put on this morning might say more than you realize about your social status, job or some other aspect of your identity. Anthropologists say humans have been doing this—finding ways to communicate about themselves without the fuss of conversation—for millennia.  But shell beads recovered from a cave in western Morocco, determined to be between 142,000 and 150,000 years old, suggest that this behavior may go back much farther than previously thought.”  The study related to the Morocco find is published in Science Advances, and its lead author is El Mehdi Sehasseh.

“Those Earrings Are So Last Year – But the Reason You’re Wearing Them Is Ancient.”  2021.  Press release, The University of Arizona,