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Yildirim and colleagues set out to learn more about how design influences user assessments of workplaces.

Suhaimi and teammates studied aesthetic preferences. 

Van Kerckhove and teammates probed how form influences impressions made. 

Zeloni and Pavani report on sounds that humans link to sadness. 

The Mason team’s findings support calls to keep light levels low in spaces where people are sleeping.

Research by Wali and teammates confirms that walkability boosts health. 

Research by Londono and de Maya indicates how attentive we are to human-like design elements. 

Coutrot and colleagues set out to learn more about how where we grew up influences our sense of direction; what they’ve learned may help explain previously baffling programming research findings, for example.

Santangelo and associates studied the effects of hearing music on decisions made. 

Llinares and colleagues studied how classroom wall color hue influences student performance.