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Faur and Laursen link classroom seat locations and friendships via a study whose findings are consistent with much prior research.

Zu, Jiang, and Zhao evaluated preferences for landscapes that varied by season. 

Patelaki and colleagues add to the body of knowledge related to walking’s cognitive implications. 

Obeidat and Jaradat found that it’s desirable to include human figures in digitally visualized architectural spaces. 

Nasim evaluated links between living conditions and children’s mental health. 

Migliore, Rossi-Lamastra, and Tagliaro studied, via a literature review, gender issues in workplaces.

Hoendervanger’s multi-method dissertation probes who can most effectively use activity-based workplaces (ABW). 

In his dissertation project Zhou probed social connections formed in co-working spaces. 

Fukuie and colleagues probed how hearing particular sorts of music influences cognitive performance, and their findings may be complicated to apply in group settings, but not solo use ones. 

Grant and Handelman study the evolving role of houses.