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Woo and colleagues assessed indoor environmental quality’s (IEQ’s) effects on workplace user experiences. 

Brill and Wang tie higher in-classroom noise levels to degraded ability to math test scores among students in grades 3, 5, 8, and 11. 

Mintz and colleagues studied how having contact with nature influenced human experience during COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Engelen, Rahmann, and de Jong reviewed published studies to learn more about how design influences Quality of Life (QoL) of older individuals. 

Bongiorno and colleagues set out to learn more about how people find their way through cities.

Larson investigated workplace experiences. 

Kalantari and Shepley assessed the experience of living in a high-rise building. 

Researchers continue to investigate the implications of experiencing enriched environments. 

Jarvis and colleagues studied the implications of experiencing green environments. 

Lee, Lee, and Choi investigated the psychological implications of savoring art.